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Food supplements against seasonal fatigue

If you feel tired in spring or fall, you may simply be suffering from what we call seasonal fatigue. Reduced morale, loss of energy and falling asleep are the symptoms. Nothing bad indicates an underlying illness, but rather a reaction of the body to the change of season. It is then possible to resort to a course of food supplements against seasonal fatigue, like the reishi supplements that we offer you. The Phytomisan laboratory explains everything to you here.

Different natural remedies to help you fight seasonal fatigue

The beautiful days are coming and you feel a energy drop, extreme weariness and your morale is at half mast? It can simply be seasonal fatigue. Lack of light disrupts our rhythm of life, sleep and mood. Time changes also play a role in this fatigue. And finally, our lifestyle is different in summer and in winter: food is more or less copious, our sleeping hours are disrupted and excesses can disrupt our biological rhythm.

Would you still like to feel more in shape? There are different natural remedies to help you fight seasonal fatigue:

  • Increase your daily exposure to light,
  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables,
  • To drink a lot of water,
  • Practice physical activity (in order to play on the positive effect of morale).

In addition to all these simple tips, you can also turn to food supplements against seasonal fatigue, especially those based on reishi.

Reishi as a food supplement against seasonal fatigue

Le reishi, this small traditional Asian mushroom, is indeed known for its virtues and benefits. Reishi as a food supplement is a very possible ally to fight against seasonal fatigue. Used for 2000 years in Chinese medicine, reishi helps reduce physical fatigue with its high concentration of magnesium.

Also effective for low morale and to stimulate the immune system, reishi is a real concentrate of vitamins. Can be difficult to consume and dose in its original form, the Phytomisan laboratory has extracted the nutrients to make them natural food supplements. The concentration of reishi in the capsules allows easy consumption, with an appropriate dosage. A course of 2 capsules per day to combat seasonal fatigue can help you regain shape and vitality. A Reishi treatment can also be considered preventively before a change of season, in order to improve your body's resistance.

Do you suffer from seasonal fatigue in spring and fall? Why not think about food supplements against seasonal fatigue ? The Phytomisan laboratory has created the range of reishi capsules to help you get back in shape. feel free to discover this range directly on our site.

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