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Pomegranate and prostate disorders

You are over 50 years old and suffer from Prostate disorders (incontinence or frequent need to urinate), and have heard of the benefits of pomegranate to naturally relieve this type of ailment? But how can we combine pomegranate and prostate disorders ? The Phytomisan Laboratory has developed food supplements Pomegranate, based on pomegranate, to support you on a daily basis in prostate-related problems. You want to know more ? We explain everything to you here.

The possible benefits of pomegranate on prostate disorders

After 50 years, prostate problems can be common: nocturnal urge to urinate, feeling of a permanently full bladder, infections or urinary leaks become daily life for many men. Pomegranate, with its properties antioxidant, has been known and consumed for years to help relieve prostate pain. But what are the possible benefits of pomegranate for prostate disorders?

Since ancient times, the pomegranate, this small red ball, fruit of the pomegranate tree, has been considered a symbol of vitality. Originally from Asia, it also grows in warm Mediterranean countries and matures in September and October. To be consumed as fresh fruit or juice, but purists drink it through a straw, after breaking the arils and piercing a hole at the end.

Its benefits on the body can be numerous, and it seems that its carbohydrates, vitamins and antioxidants are effective in helping men in their prostate problems. The grenade pourrait thus help the body relieve bladder spasms in order to be able to urinate more easily, to modulate inflammation and to reduce oxidative stress in the male genital tract.

But how to consume a large quantity of pomegranate every day? The Phytomisan Laboratory has developed the Grenadium food supplements, in order to support you in your prostate problems.

Pomegranate-based food supplements for prostate disorders

In order to benefit from all the qualities of pomegranate, it would be recommended to consume a very large quantity daily. Rather difficult action, it is complex to drink liters of pomegranate juice, as it is impossible to find fresh fruit all year round. This is why the Phytomisan Laboratory has developed the pomegranate food supplements for prostate disorders.

The Grenadium cure concentrates the benefits of pomegranate in capsules. With its all-natural components and the right dosage, consuming 2 capsules per day could provide you with positive relief from frequent prostate ailments. With no contraindication or risk of overdose, the Grenadium treatment is the ally of men over 50.

Are you starting to suffer from prostate problems and have heard of the beneficial effects of pomegranate on this type of ailment? Go quickly and discover the Grenadium treatment from the Phytomisan Laboratory. A food supplement that concentrates the benefits of pomegranate in an action that can help relieve prostate problems.

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