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Nine solutions to make your hair grow faster!

Hair grows slowly, and teaches us patience. But many tricks can accelerate their growth. We are going to reveal 9 solutions, all beneficial for the daily good health of your hair! All these solutions are simple to implement and can of course be combined for an optimum result!

1. Cut them to grow them

It may seem paradoxical, but cutting the hair before it is damaged is an excellent method.

Do not hesitate to shorten them regularly, before the appearance of split ends. A few millimeters are enough every 2/3 months, too damaged hair will grow very slowly.

2. Beware of too frequent shampoos, think about the conditioner!

Too regular use of shampoo can damage your hair, which is sometimes already constrained by coloring or heated appliances, hair dryer, curling iron...

Do not hesitate to alternate with a conditioner, less aggressive for your hair, and which will nourish it in depth. It will allow you to improve their health and thus avoid breakage and split ends. For best results, opt for conditioners with 100% natural components. Otherwise, some products can cause damage to your hair!

Remember to rinse your hair well after application.

3. Take care of your hair by nourishing it

Think that the longer your hair, the older it is! Spikes can even be years old! It is therefore necessary to ensure that they are well nourished, beyond simple shampoos and conditioners.

Regularly apply masks and natural nourishing oils, moisturize your hair often, if possible weekly.

Many oils can be used, especially those that contain a lot of fatty acids. You can then use unrefined coconut oil, castor oil, almond oil, macadamia nut oil, jojoba oil…

It is therefore obviously greasy products, it will be advisable to rinse your hair well and to do it before the shampoo and conditioner! You can leave it on your hair for a quarter of an hour so that the nutrients penetrate your hair well, even for some masks overnight.

These elements can be combined, you can easily make them yourself, or buy ready-made products from the shops. Choose 100% natural products!

Do not hesitate to massage your scalp well with this nourishing mask. In addition to the well-being effect, this will allow the nutrients to penetrate well while relaxing your scalp. You can also, if you leave it on for a long time, wrap them loosely in a thin, soft towel.

4. Strengthen your hair by mouth, with food supplements!

Food is essential for the good health of your hair and to strengthen it. However, it is difficult today, even with a relatively balanced diet, to provide all the necessary nutrients!

To strengthen your hair, it is therefore useful to take food supplements rich in vitamins and minerals, which will deeply nourish your hair.

You can take supplements rich in iron or zinc, but also use brewer's yeast or soy lecithin.

5. Sleep on satin or silk to please your long hair!

The longer your hair, the more you should avoid cotton for your pillowcase! Indeed, a night on the cotton will cause many frictions to your hair and damage it and even knot it.

Choose satin or silk to give your hair a soft and beautiful night.

6. Stop the towel ritual when you get out of the bath or shower

It is indeed a ritual, practical and pleasant, to wrap your hair in a towel when you get out of the shower or bath. But understand that when you wrap your hair tightly in the towel, you're causing a lot of it to break, especially the already fragile ones.

If you really want to keep doing this, invest in thin, light towels and don't over-tighten!

7. Pay attention to your hairstyles

The hairstyles you choose must be without constraints for the hair at the risk of damaging it. Things should not be too tight, and regularly let them breathe by untying them, at home for example.

So a bun should be done once in a while, a ponytail can be done during the day if you don't overtighten the knot.

8. Wake up to cool water, your hair will thank you!

Cool water is beneficial for your hair. Indeed, it hydrates better and prevents breakage, and helps to better fix the scalp.

It is not a question of washing with cold water early in the morning, but of finishing your shower with cold water on your hair. Besides your hair, it will energize your body and help wake you up.


The anti-hair loss hair tonic is a totally natural product. It is suitable for all hair types and will bring health and vigor to your hair without constraint.

Anti-hair loss hair tonic

The Hair Tonic with its anti-hair loss and stimulating properties on hair growth for a purified scalp and nourished hair at the root, will strengthen the structure of the hair! It consists of 100% natural products all from the best plants selected by Phytomisan laboratories.

The anti-hair loss hair tonic will act in several ways:

– Make your hair stronger and therefore less brittle

– Help them to better anchor themselves in your scalp and thus slow down hair loss

– By nourishing it, it will make your hair less brittle

– It will give them volume, also compensating for a premature fall

If you unfortunately have fragile, dull hair, or dry and brittle hair, or hair that gets tangled easily, the Hair Tonic will change your life, and you will be happy with your hair, which will be silky, nourished and fortified!

Our hair suffers many attacks on a daily basis, between pollution, colors, curling or straightening irons, hair dryers, and even stress. All these constraints can give your hair a flattened effect and aesthetically it shows.

Take advantage of the benefits of the Hair Tonic and you will find silky, strong, nourished hair from the first weeks of use and you will again enjoy styling it.

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