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What solution to renew the cartilage?

We have all heard of the cartilage, this elastic, flexible, resistant but non-vascularized tissue which covers the surface of the bones at the joints. It wears out naturally over the years, cracks causing severe pain can appear, and its repair is slow, or sometimes non-existent. But there are still remedies to relieve and repair cartilage. SO what solution to renew the cartilage? The Phytomisan laboratory explains everything to you in this article!

Can cartilage renew itself?

First question to ask: can cartilage renew itself? Being non-vascularized (it does not have blood vessels) nor innervated (nor nerves), it regenerates little and heals slowly and with great difficulty. So no, the cartilage is not renewed strictly speaking, but helping your body rebuild its cartilage is not impossible.

Cartilage damage creates osteoarthritis, particularly in the elderly and some athletes. Osteoarthritis of the knee or shoulder is the most widespread, both painful and disabling on a daily basis. But there are still solutions to promote cartilage repair. Adequate nutrition and targeted dietary supplements can be very effective in helping with its repair.

In what cases do you want to encourage this renewal?

Osteoarthritis (or arthritis depending on the case) causes pain which can be constant, and perhaps you want to help your body renew the cartilage in order to relieve the damage caused by its degradation. But in what cases do you want to encourage this renewal?

Pain due to cartilage wear appears mainly in the elderly or in athletes who practice intensive activity. Other factors can also come into play: an old injury, a fall or being overweight. In each of these situations, solutions exist to relieve you. But then, what solution to renew the cartilage?

What solution to renew the cartilage?

However, there are remedies to effectively relieve cartilage, but what are the solutions to renew cartilage? With suitable food supplements, it is possible to relieve pain and limit damage. Phytomisan has developed Faran capsules, based on turmeric, passion fruit and vitamin C, three components recognized for their effective action. A tailor-made recipe which, thanks to its composition, helps proper functioning of the joints, and which can relieve cartilage.

Taking the form of capsules allows you to always have the right dose of concentrated product to provide pain relief. Combined with a suitable diet and gentle and moderate sports practice, food supplements Faran from the Phytomisan laboratory will be a daily aid to renew the cartilage.

Do you suffer from osteoarthritis linked to age or your intensive practice of sport and want to help your body relieve its pain? The Phytomisan laboratory has developed Faran food supplements for all those who wish to help their joints renew their cartilage. So, if you were wondering what solution to renew cartilage exists, don't hesitate to discover our Faran food supplements.  

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