6 reasons to trust Phytomisan

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Discover below the 6 main reasons why you should trust Phytomisan

N° 1

A high quality range

with natural extracts from prestigious plants. Phytomisan is the result of a tremendous success of several years of research on plants. This is a range of products of impeccable quality. For the preparation of our products, we only select excellent quality herbs. With an incomparable nutritional richness, the results obtained on thousands of consumers have led it to real success. not tested on animals, Vegetable-based capsules, Lactose and gluten free, Vegetable gelatin.

N° 2

Our products are formulated and manufactured in France.

Phytomisan is a French brand of cosmetics and food supplements. Each product is the response to a real need for customers looking for natural products with several textures, an application method improving its effectiveness. Today the laboratory products are distributed on the French, German, English, Scandinavian, Canadian, Moroccan, Gulf etc. market.

N° 3

Founded in 2010 by Dr Shahid NASIM

Always passionate about health and natural medicine. In his professional life, by caring for the sick, he notices the side effects of drugs, this encourages him to give a new perspective to the treatment of cancer and other diseases, he often wondered how his colleagues did, in the past, to care for the sick. To find the answer to this question, he delved into ancient literature. He was inspired by the works of the great doctors of the world, in particular those of Dr Ibn Sina (Avicenna, 980-1037). He selected more than 300 plants from ancient books and then carried out research by linking ancient knowledge and modern science. After four years of research, he launched the first product in his line.

N° 4

Our ingredients

Nature has always played an essential role in preserving health and curing disease. It provides long-term help and natural benefits. Our mission is to treat your body and mind with everything you need to surpass yourself! In order to meet the specific and varied needs of our customers. Each ingredient is rigorously selected for its performance and grown with the greatest respect for the environment.

N° 5

Your safety, our priority

Our products follow a very strict validation and manufacturing protocol before reaching you. We pay the greatest attention to the quality of our products, from the design in the laboratory to their manufacture. The Phytomisan products comply with very strict manufacturing standards that guarantee absolute safety and maximum efficiency. Our ingredients comply with European regulations. Each product is subject to a “safety assessment” report filed with the DGCCRF.

N° 6

We support human actions

 1 order = 5% donated

For each order placed, 5% will be donated to the foundation to support orphaned children with cancer, humanitarian actions and provide financial assistance to students without income. The NASIM FOUNDATION will be implemented as soon as sufficient funds are raised through sales.

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