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Natural food supplements based on fermented turmeric

What are our natural food supplements based on fermented turmeric?

Our fermented turmeric products containing 95% curcuminoids are designed to offer you a natural and effective solution for your well-being. THE turmeric, a spice with exceptional properties, is at the heart of our formulations. This natural product has recognized virtues which allow it to act on a certain number of health problems. In order to get its full potential, we have chosen to use it in its fermented form. Our natural food supplements based on fermented turmeric can thus: Relieve inflammatory, muscular and joint problems. Fight against free radicals and cellular aging. Promote digestive comfort. Support good nervous and mental balance.

What is fermented turmeric?

  Turmeric is a rhizomatous plant found in Asia. Turmeric powder, as we are used to finding it in stores, is directly extracted from its rhizomes. Although the product is mainly used in cooking, particularly for curries, turmeric nevertheless has many benefits for our body. Naturally, turmeric is already a good product for the body. It is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Turmeric thus contains a high concentration of curcuminoids: a substance effective in many cases. But to get the full potential and ensure the effectiveness of this method, we chose to ferment the powder. The fermentation process helps concentrate the effects of the turmeric powder to maximize its effectiveness. Thanks to this process, it is possible to improve the effects of the product on our body and to facilitate its absorption by the body. Naturally, curcuminoids are poorly bioavailable: they are difficult to absorb by our body, and it is therefore necessary to consume a significant quantity of them. With fermentation, our natural food supplements made from fermented turmeric are easily absorbed by consuming reasonable quantities of the product.

How is turmeric fermented?

  To ferment turmeric, we use the so-called Kombucha method. You've probably heard this name many times in recent years. And for good reason, Kombucha is today a particularly trendy drink. For this fermentation, the turmeric powder is combined with the other components of our natural food supplements based on fermented turmeric before being fermented for a specific duration. Fermentation takes place in direct contact with probiotic microbes.

Why turn to natural food supplements based on fermented turmeric?

  Thanks to its natural effectiveness, turmeric is a valuable ally in our everyday lives to improve digestive health or relieve inflammatory or muscular problems. Used with the fermentation technique, Phytomisan turns this base product into powerful natural food supplements based on fermented turmeric. A cure of our turmeric capsules fermented promotes vitality, nervous and mental balance and digestive comfort. To find out more, you can discover our Curcumisan Plus capsules in detail.

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