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The exceptional offer of free samples from Laboratoire Phytomisan! Take advantage before stocks run out!


The Phytomisan laboratory, specialized in the design and sale of food supplements and natural cosmetics, offers free samples to discover the virtues of its products. 

This free sample pack contains 12 free capsules for you to choose from one product at a time among our six products below:

Turmeric capsules
Turcumisan Plus in capsules

Curcumisan Plus in capsules is the first formula in the world based on fermented Turmeric, Pomegranate, Olive & Black Cumin which relieves inflammatory, muscular and joint problems.

Pomegranate capsules

Pomegranate capsules that relieve cardiovascular problems, lower blood pressure, have an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect.


Nigella oil (Black cumin) eliminates toxins and strengthens metabolism, its important toning properties helping to stimulate natural defenses


Prickly pear capsules that help regulate your blood sugar levels and promote weight loss.

Joint capsules
Faran Capsules

for joints relieve tendons, bones and cartilage, maintain bone density and stimulate blood circulation.

Selenium vitamin C food supplement
Nasimium Capsules

Selenium food supplements help reduce the feeling of stress or fatigue and, thus, improve daily tone.

Thanks to this selection of our most popular products, you will be able to discover the virtues of Phytomisan products at a lower cost!

How does it work?

Simply browse our range of samples and select the one you want from the 6 offered. We then take care of preparing your free samples and shipping them.

A shipping and packaging charge of €4,99 will be applied. These will be refunded to you if you order a pack of our food supplements within three weeks of receiving the capsules. 

If you have never tasted Phytomisan supplements and their virtues, don't miss this exceptional offer!

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