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Consumer Reviews

Consumer Reviews 

Hello doctor.
I send you this message to congratulate you on your excellent products. I have been using Faran and Kamran beauty cream, beauty and massage oils and balms for six months. I am very satisfied with the results. I also use Arselan tablets every day which are very effective. A big thankyou for everything. Best regards. Mrs Bridget A.

I will do it again without hesitation, good penetration and effectiveness of the anti-aging beauty cream, the rose smell is very pleasant and its texture is very good. It unifies the complexion and is very inexpensive for its content. Very satisfied, I would recommend without hesitation. Mrs Claudine M.

A great discovery
Hello Doctor, I congratulate you on your excellent range of products and in particular the Belle Journée beauty cream. Very precious due to its richness in vitamins A, C and E and in plant-based oils, it is really a very good natural antioxidant. It protects the skin from drying out and protects it from premature ageing. A very small amount of cream is enough to have very silky skin. I am very satisfied and delighted to have discovered your products. Mrs Monica S.

Finally a cream that suits me
I have been using the Mahwish anti-aging beauty cream for two years, which is really very amazing. I have had very dry skin for years, and I have never found a product that suits me. From the first days of use, my skin was visibly more supple and comfortable. It is great and in addition it takes very little. I feel like I've found my happiness. Even my husband uses this cream for his face because it makes shaving easier. Ms Veronique W.

Finally beautiful skin
Hello Doctor Nasim, I discovered your products almost a year ago at Côté Nature in Horbourg. Since using Mahwish Beauty Day Cream, my skin appreciates its comfort and texture which gives it a beautiful appearance. As a night care I use beauty oil. I really want to tell you all my satisfaction. These are effective and economical products! 3 products in one! About ten drops of oil are enough for the face, neck and décolleté! Not to mention that by recovering the oil that remains on the top of the bottle, we also have a care for the hands! As for my husband, he has become a fan of the very effective hair lotion too. A big thank you to you for these superior quality products at a reasonable price! I wish by my testimonial to encourage people who are still hesitant to test your products. Sincerely. Mrs Marie-Therese D.

Effective against osteoarthritis
My wife had bought a box of your Kamran herbal balm in Lyon at the health fair. I regularly massage my knees with it because I suffer from osteoarthritis and since using your Kamran balm, my osteoarthritis has improved significantly. Many thanks for your excellent products. Mrs Dominique F.

An exceptional massage oil
Doctor Nasim, thank you for your massage oil, which I must say is “exceptional”. Indeed, recently I had the experience of going to a dinner dance with new shoes… You can imagine the rest! When I got home I had very sore feet because I had danced a lot. I did a little massage with your massage oil, and a few minutes after applying it, I was able to fall asleep easily. The next day everything was back to normal. This product acts very quickly on joint and muscle pain. A very big THANK YOU for your oil. I advertise your products to my friends. Cordially. Mrs Elizabeth H.

A very effective massage oil!
I am a therapist in Japan and have been using your massage oil on my clients for over a year. I would like to testify hereby that the massages practiced with your massage oil harmonize and promote the circulation of body energy as soon as it is applied. Its smell is very unique and extraordinary. My clients are very satisfied and they ask to be massaged only with your oil, because they are relaxed, relaxed and less stressed after the session. They suffer less from sleep disturbances. A big thank you and all my respects to Dr. Nasim who always sent me my orders quickly. Mr. Keiko T.

A fulfilling sex life
Dr. Nasim, you saved my sex life. Postmenopausal, I suffer from vaginal dryness and a lack of libido. Everything has been going well since I started using your venus oil and your massage oil. Well done and thank you. Ms Doris V.