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Kamran Relaxing Balm

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Kamran Universal Balm

Soothes joint disorders and burns

100% natural plant extracts designed to relax you and soothe your sore muscles. Enjoy a moment of relaxation and well-being with our soothing Kamran balm. You will feel a relaxing effect that will awaken the senses of body and mind.


Kamran Universal Balm

  • Are you tense, your legs are heavy, your neck hurts?

This balm rich in natural plants is therefore ideal for you. It relaxes tense muscles, relieves heavy legs and sore necks of people who spend their day in front of a computer.

  • Burns and sunburns

Kamran balm also relieves burns or sunburn.

  • A beneficial balm

On the other hand, it easily penetrates the epidermis and provides a pleasant feeling of relaxation and revitalization. It also tones, regenerates and soothes the body of athletes before, during and after exercise.


How to use it:

By massaging with gentle circular movements on the parts of the body to be treated.


30 g


Oleum Syncarpia Glomulifera (Turpentine), Eucalypti, Cinnamomum Camphora, Thymi.

1 reviews for Kamran Relaxing Balm

  1. Claudia Schott -

    Wir erzielten sehr gute Erfolge bei der Anwendung von Kamran Balsam zusammen mit dem Massage oil. Mein Vater hatte starke Knieschmerzen aufgrund von Verschleißerscheinungen. Er trägt das Kamran Balsam dünn auf und massiert es mit dem Öl anschließend ein. And then you have your gut bewegen, and that's what Schmerzen hat is.

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