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Cold Cream Have a nice day

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Cold Cream</strong> Belle Journee

This cream with prestigious oils smoothes wrinkles and slows their appearance. It hydrates, nourishes and repairs your skin. It preserves the skin from drying out and protects it from external aggressions.


Cold Cream Have a nice day

Cold cream or cold cream is a very strange cosmetic formula.

Phytomisan BELLE JOURNEE cream is naturally rich in vitamins A, B, C and E. These vitamins are recognized for their powerful anti-wrinkle and regenerative properties of tissues and cells. It preserves the skin from drying out and protects it from external aggressions.

Rich in sweet almond oil and other prestigious oils, known for its softening and calming properties, and in beeswax, with protective and nourishing properties, BELLE JOURNEE cream protects and nourishes the epidermis in cases of dry or very dry or during unfavorable external conditions (wind, cold, dry heat). It strengthens the hydrolipidic film and helps the skin regain its softness.

The advantage of a cold cream

It will provide a feeling of comfort at the time of application, a cold cream is a treatment which will quickly make the skin more resistant. Regular application strengthens the skin's ability to protect itself against various attacks causing dryness.

This cream eliminates dead cells and pigment spots. Your skin regains its freshness and radiance. You will never look so young and beautiful! A complex of active ingredients for incomparable comfort from the first application.

It is to Claude Galien, Greek doctor of the IIe century AD, which is attributed to the authorship of one of the first known cerates. Obtained by “mixing olive oil, beeswax and water or infused with aromatic plants.

From the three original ingredients we go to six (sweet almond oil, whale white, beeswax, distilled rose water, volatile rose oil, tincture of benzoin)

The benefits of Cold Cream

The classic Belle Jour moisturizing cream will provide water and lipids to the driest skin, the Cold Cream also has protective properties, notably thanks to beeswax.

2 reviews for Cold Cream Have a nice day

  1. Myriam -

    Very moisturizing cream. Perfect for my sensitive and dry skin.

  2. Claudia Müller -

    I will start the Phytomisan range again without hesitation,
    Good penetration and effectiveness of Belle Journée anti-aging cream, the smell of rose is very pleasant and its texture is very good. It unifies the complexion and is very inexpensive for its content. Very satisfied, I would recommend without hesitation. Mrs Claudine M.

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