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Selenium Capsules – Nasimium



Our capsules in the form of selenium food supplements

Selenium is a trace element essential for good health and is ideal for preserving youthfulness. In its capsule form as a food supplement, Nasimium helps reduce the feeling of stress or fatigue and, thus, improve daily tone.


Food supplement capsules enriched with selenium and vitamin C

Our selenium and vitamin C food supplement capsules help the immune system to strengthen itself by acting directly at the cellular level. Indeed, thanks to the combined action of these two components, our capsules can have a direct effect on cells. Concentrated with natural antioxidants, Nasimium capsules are enriched with selenium and vitamin C to boost our tone and vitality on a daily basis. It is an essential asset which allows us to preserve the “youthful” capital of our body. A treatment consumed in everyday life can help prevent declines in vitality or help to feel its effects less. 


Selenium is a trace element whose effects on your body reduce the feeling of stress or fatigue. It is also an important element for your body. It strengthens the immune system by regulating the liver system. 

In addition, selenium food supplement capsules have an impact by helping cells fight against oxidative stress. Oxidative stress refers to all the attacks carried out by free radicals on the cells of our body. It could notably play a role in cellular aging. Thus, by helping cells to protect themselves from this phenomenon, it is possible to avoid periods of fatigue. 

Vitamin C

Combined with vitamin C, Selenium helps the body regain tone and the cells to tone up more easily and more naturally. Vitamin C also acts on the production of collagen, the proper functioning of bones, cartilage and the nervous system.

Consumption of our selenium capsules

Designed by the Phytomisan laboratory, Nasimium offers you, in small capsules, plant active ingredients and especially Selenium and vitamin C. A course of this food supplement will therefore help your body to get rid of the oxidations that lead to premature aging. It acts to maintain a good nervous and mental balance, and helps to get rid of feelings of stress and fatigue.

These selenium food supplement capsules are especially ideal for smokers. Be careful, however, not to exceed the prescribed doses.


How to use it:

2 capsules per day (1 in the morning and 1 in the evening)


60 capsules


Vitamin C, camu camu, selenium yeast, lactic yeast, microcrystalline cellulose, vegetable gelatin

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