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Turmeric powder for animals, dogs, cats and horses: An ally for their health

Turmeric powder for animals, dogs, cats and horses: An ally for their health 

It enhances our good daily meals, but we also know the virtues of turmeric for our health. Its benefits are not reserved for humans, it also applies to animals, especially older ones. Indeed, this spice from the Indian subcontinent, derived from the rhizome of curry reduced to powder, has spread throughout the world for its taste values ​​as well as beneficial for our body. This almost magical but nevertheless natural power comes from the curcumin which constitutes this plant and whose many benefits are as useful to humans as to animals. Its anti-inflammatory virtue will make it the undisputed ally of your pet, especially seniors, since it will reduce pain and inflammation.  

For it to be suitable for the animal, it is best to give turmeric as a supplement. Because, in addition to its taste which will not necessarily win the support of your dog, your cat or your horse, putting turmeric directly in its diet could lead to an overdose, turmeric being poorly absorbed by the body. Ask your veterinarian for advice.  


We are now returning to a gentler daily medicine, using the benefits of nature, which for millennia has abounded in plants that can prevent diseases, keep us healthy and make us stronger. Although it has been known for thousands of years, the plant, nicknamed "Indian saffron", has been used for several decades in our country for its medicinal properties and to help us maintain good health. This herbaceous plant of the ginger family comes to us from the Indian continent, where it is used to flavor dishes, as medicine or even in religious rites.  

It is then renowned for its ability to prevent, even cure, several diseases, whether chronic or more serious, and has therefore interested the scientific community which has looked into this almost magical plant. Research on it has proven its benefits to the human body and its super properties have earned it the name "wonderful spice". As you will have understood, it is useful to make turmeric our daily ally. The question we can then ask ourselves is whether all of its virtues can be applied to our animals. 


You can make this plant a prevention or care tool for your pets, dogs and cats, and even horses, and share with them the natural benefits of turmeric, thanks to its properties that we detail below. 


We saw in the introduction that the main element of this wonderful spice is curcumin. Turmeric has been the subject of the most research as its virtues for health are formidable. The main one is its ability to relieve swelling and pain through its anti-inflammatory properties. This aspect will undoubtedly be useful for your animal which becomes old, since with the age, the cartilages on the bones, of your furry animal, will decrease, causing arthritis, very widespread in animals as and when that they are getting old.

This will cause them severe pain, even hampering their daily lives, from walking to simple trips, even during playtime. To enjoy your four-legged friend for a long time, turmeric can relieve these pains, as ibuprofen or aspirin could do, thanks to the inflammatory properties of curcumin.  


The other benefit of turmeric, for both humans and animals, is its natural antihistamine power. Indeed, like us, animals are not spared from the increasingly frequent allergies these days due to environmental or food contexts. They will make the daily life of your pet, especially dogs and cats, complicated or even difficult, ranging from sneezing to itchy skin. These allergies can go so far as to cause eczema, which is painful and painful. Turmeric can then be an excellent decongestant to alleviate these allergies, and its anti-inflammatory effect described above will reduce pain and symptoms of itching.  


Turmeric will also be an ally for the organs of your four-legged friend. The anti-inflammatory properties that we have seen in the previous paragraphs will reduce pain due to gastric problems, such as inflamed intestines or irritable bowel syndrome. It will also be effective for intestinal permeability. But curcumin will also act as a liver stimulant for your pets. By a better production of bile, their digestion will be facilitated, and will allow a better decomposition of dietary fats.

This virtue will be appreciated as much by nursing animals as by those who are underweight. Finally, the Indian plant will have positive effects for the heart, helping to maintain the condition of the walls of blood vessels. The "wonderful spice" is therefore the essential ally for the organs of our furry animals, dogs, cats and horses, and even helps to prevent cancer. 


One of the virtuous properties of turmeric that we have yet to discuss is its rich antioxidant power. This will be useful in preventing cancers, both in humans and in our animals, which unfortunately develop frequently with age in our four-legged friends, especially dogs. Thus, nowadays a third of dogs are suffering from cancer, often of the bones. To fight against the occurrence of tumours, turmeric will act as a disruptor for cancerous tissues, allowing the development of cancer in animals to be slowed down. Its antioxidant effect will fight against chronic inflammation, the first step towards cancer.   


All of the virtues described above make turmeric a daily ally for your pet. How then to make him benefit from this plant? Several methods of course can be used, starting naturally by incorporating it directly into food. You can turn this spice into a sauce or a paste to mix it with your daily food. However, its assimilation by the body is not perfect, and the dosage is therefore essential. In fact, at too high a dose, turmeric could cause stomach pain for your pet, or even worse for those who already suffer from kidney problems. To make them benefit from the powers of turmeric without putting them in danger, and thus avoid overdose, it can be practical to use foods that already contain turmeric in a chosen quantity.  


Here is a food supplement that will keep your animals healthy. Easy to use, Curcumisan PLUS comes in powder and can then easily be incorporated into food with the right dosage. In addition to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant powers, Curcumisan PLUS will tone up and reduce joint and muscle problems in your horse, or slow down hair loss in your dogs and cats. It will also act for a better resorption of wounds and abrasions. 

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