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Slimming Massage Oil

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Relaxing and Slimming Massage Oil

100% natural plant extracts intended to relax you and also to refine your figure while strengthening your immune system. Enjoy a moment of relaxation and well-being with our body oil, the most sensual and natural anti-stress. You will experience a relaxing effect that will awaken the senses of body and mind.

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Slimming Massage Oil, This oil is a combination of plants that help you lose weight, eliminate toxins and strengthen your immune system by reducing stress factors and insomnia. Its active substances purify the epidermis and support the natural functions of the skin while preventing cellulite. It provides well-being, relaxation and harmony. Ingredients: jasmine oil, sesame, gooseberry, arnica, olives, rose, sandalwood, coconut, cardamom, jojoba, prickly pear, eucalyptus and lavender


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4 reviews for Slimming Massage Oil

  1. Claudia S. -

    Wir erzielten sehr gute Erfolge bei der Anwendung von Kamran Balsam zusammen mit dem Massage oil. Mein Vater hatte starke Knieschmerzen aufgrund von Verschleißerscheinungen. Er trägt das Kamran Balsam dünn auf und massiert es mit dem Öl anschließend ein. And then you have your gut bewegen, and that's what Schmerzen hat is.
    Claudia S. Hofheim, Deutschland

  2. Laurent -

    A very good moment of relaxation thanks to this oil with a very pleasant scent. I will recommend.
    Lawrence. L

  3. Mr. Keiko T -

    A very effective massage oil!
    I am a therapist in Japan and have been using your massage oil on my clients for over a year. I would like to testify hereby that the massages practiced with your massage oil harmonize and promote the circulation of body energy as soon as it is applied. Its smell is very unique and extraordinary. My clients are very satisfied and they ask to be massaged only with your oil, because they are relaxed, relaxed and less stressed after the session. They suffer less from sleep disturbances. A big thank you and all my respects to Dr. Nasim who always sent me my orders quickly. Mr. Keiko T., Shizuoka City, Japan

  4. Mrs. Elisabeth H. 75019 Paris -

    Doctor Nasim, thank you for your massage oil, which I must say is “exceptional”. Indeed, recently I had the experience of going to a dinner dance with new shoes… You can imagine the rest! When I got home I had very sore feet because I had danced a lot. I did a little massage with your massage oil, and a few minutes after applying it, I was able to fall asleep easily. The next day everything was back to normal. This product acts very quickly on joint and muscle pain. A very big THANK YOU for your oil. I advertise your products to my friends. Cordially. Mrs Elizabeth H.

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