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Venus Oil for Intimate Comfort

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Venus Oil for Intimate Comfort

Want to have a nice naughty moment with your partner? Venus oil improves the sexual comfort of your couple. It also restores libido and helps combat intimate dryness in menopausal women. She has seduced millions of women and men around the world.


Venus Oil for Intimate Comfort

Being in a relationship and making love is good. The essential product for all your intimate evenings is finally available! Do you want to spice up your intimate life and reach the pinnacle of sensuality within your relationship?

What is Natural Venus Oil?

Venus natural oil is an oil developed by the Phytomisan laboratory. This product ensures well-being and comfort during sexual intercourse and intimate games. Its irresistible smell and its trendy and gourmet character, make this oil one of the most effective products on the one hand against intimate dryness in women. And on the other hand, against erection problems. In summary, Venus natural oil will rekindle the flame of your sex life. What is effectively the guarantee of a torque that functions perfectly!

Sounds, powerful libido stimulators

It helps fight intimate dryness, especially after menopause, and will be a real ally for your couple. It restores vigor to the man and its smell both greedy and pleasant will allow your couple sensual and erotic moments for an optimum comfort.

Venus oil is completely natural, based on the best plants and flowers selected by Dr Shahid Nasim. For your pleasure, you will find a wonderful combination of oils, rose, sweet almond, jasmine, jojoba, added to scents of Sandalwood and Lime.

Let yourself go and rekindle the flame of your couple.

Sexual desire is a complex interaction of several factors, including physical and emotional well-being. Did you know that the female orgasm, like the male orgasm, is more powerful when the lubrication is perfect? So what are you waiting for to fully enjoy every moment of your sex life with Venus oil from Phytomisan? Let yourself be carried away by the sensations this product provides to satisfy all your fantasies!

  • Contraindications

Phytomisan Venus oil is suitable for all skin types. Furthermore, it is ideal for both women and men. You can also use it for your massages to make your skin more radiant, more supple and softer. If in doubt, do not hesitate to seek the advice of your pharmacist or doctor. Please note that Venus oil is not compatible with the use of condoms.


How to use it:

Apply to your private parts and those of your partner before starting the sexual intercourse and to prolong the intercourse. For men suffering from problems of sexual strength, apply by massaging lightly twice a day in the morning and evening on the male private parts to relax the muscles and restore sexual strength. This oil has no adverse effects. It can be used all year round and applied without problems on sex toys. Do not use in case of allergy to any component. Keep out of reach of children.


100 ml


(INCI) Rose rubiginosa oil, jasmine fragrance, sweet almond (prunus amygdalus dulcis), lemon, zitrone, lemon, Fragrance Sandalwood, jojoba (simmondsia chinensis), sesame (sesamum indicum), Citrus sinensis l. Osbeck cold pressed, lemon fragrance, black nigella, (Geraniol, Eugenol Farnésol. These substances are naturally present in certain plants without artificial additions)


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3 reviews for Venus Oil for Intimate Comfort

  1. Ms Doris V. -

    A fulfilling sex life:
    You saved my sex life with your venus oil. Postmenopausal, I suffer from vaginal dryness and a lack of libido. Everything has been going well since I started using your venus oil and your massage oil. Well done and thank you. Mrs. Doris V., 28210 Nogent-le-Roi

  2. Brigitte Adler -

    I have confidence in myself again
    Since I and my partner have been using your venus oil, I feel great after having sex. Thanks to your oil, our act is prolonged which allows us to have immense sexual pleasure. I am more attractive, more desired and loved by my man. It is an essential feeling for having self-confidence and sleeping well. Bridget A.

  3. Mr Thierry S. -

    An oil that deserves its success
    Everywhere we hear about your venus oil. I ordered it from your online store and tried it on with my partner. Your venus oil is a very good product and I too am very satisfied. Thanks to her "a new and radiant life opens before me" Mr. Thierry S.

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