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Quail egg capsules


This nutritional food supplement is of natural origin made from a homogenate of a particular strain of quail egg, used to improve tolerance to environmental aggressions (pollens, animal hair, dust, mites, etc.). ).


Food supplement capsules based on quail eggs for allergies

In France, as in the rest of the world, allergies are becoming more and more common and affect more and more individuals every decade. It is estimated that, by 2050, 50% of the world's population could be allergic to pollen. Depending on the person, reactions can be radically different. Where some will only feel minor discomfort, others may spend days of pollen peaks experiencing sneezing attacks and having impacted eyes. Faced with this impressive growth, various solutions are available to individuals. It is with this in mind that the Phytomisan laboratory offers you its food supplement capsules based on quail eggs.

This nutritional food supplement of natural origin is made from a homogenate of a particular strain of quail egg (B.Mina). It is traditionally used for improve tolerance to environmental aggressions such as pollen, animal hair, dust or even mites. By acting directly against the degree of aggression presented by these elements, our food supplements with quail eggs make it possible to limit their impact on the body and, thus, to make everyday life easier for people with allergies.

B MINA strain quail eggs are surprisingly effective in protecting against seasonal pollen allergies. Quail eggs help restore balance to the natural physiological responses of the immune system.

Consumption period for quail egg capsules

20 to 30% of the French population is affected by a respiratory allergy. 85% are due to pollen or dust mites.

Spring and fall are seasons conducive to pollination during which it is important to maintain a good immune system. To do this, the quail egg is an excellent clue. Indeed, it has a significant concentration of vitamins, proteins, enzymes and minerals. We would then advise taking the food supplement capsules based on quail eggs for prevention, a few weeks before the arrival of pollen and to continue the treatment, if necessary, during the critical season.

Symptoms that suggest a pollen allergy

Spring, synonymous with good weather and green nature, is far from being a pleasant season for many people suffering from seasonal allergies and who must be constantly vigilant during this period to avoid experiencing a real ordeal. Sneezing, coughing, inflammation and watery eyes, runny and stuffy nose, difficulty breathing and itching are all symptoms that occur in people with a spring allergy.

The main causes behind allergic problems, besides the hereditary element, are sinusitis, asthma, exposure to materials that increase the sensitivity of the human body, weakness of the immune system, as well as smoking. The accumulation of these criteria can thus lead to strong weaknesses of the body in the face of allergies.

We then have what you need to help you soothe allergy symptoms and live more peacefully on a daily basis. The wealth of our food supplement capsules based on quail eggs in active ingredients is quite exceptional and can help fight against these seasonal allergies.

The composition of the capsules

Quail egg homogenate reduces the production of immunoglobulin E and neutralizes inflammatory effects.

The arachidonic acid contained in quail egg acts as a desensitizer. Quail egg capsules are devoid of any toxicity and cause no side effects.
COMPOSITION per capsule: freeze-dried whole quail eggs 200 mg, brown millet 180 mg, gelatin 75 mg, magnesium carbonate 20 mg. Origin France.


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