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Which food supplement to choose against allergies?

Almost everywhere in the world, we are seeing an increase in people sensitive to allergies year after year. According to specialists, this trend does not seem to be about to improve and it is therefore likely that we will see a continued increase in the number of victims.

But then, you may be part of the sensitive population allergies to pollen, dust mites, other dust or even animal hair. If so, you know how unpleasant it is to go through the peak period of allergies. In these circumstances, it is possible to turn to food supplements to limit the negative effects for allergies. Phytomisan reveals to you in this article which food supplement to choose for allergies.

What are the symptoms of allergies?

If you think you may be a victim of seasonal allergies such as hay fever or allergies to dust mites and dust, the best option is to make an appointment with an allergist to get tested.

However, if you do not have the opportunity or have an appointment planned in several months, here is the list of symptoms which may suggest an allergy to these elements. For pollen, we see the following symptoms:

  • Breathing difficulties;
  • Possible throat pain when breathing (dry or irritated throat)
  • Sneezing attack;
  • Allergic rhinitis (runny nose);
  • Itching around the eyes.

Generally speaking, pollen allergies occur during peaks of the latter, mainly in spring, although cases can be observed until the end of summer.

If you are allergic to dust mites, you may experience similar symptoms overall.

But then, to combat these symptoms, which food supplement to choose for allergies?

Which food supplement to choose for allergies?

If you know that you are allergic to pollens or other elements that we mentioned earlier in this article, you may be wondering which dietary supplement to choose for allergies. Because yes, a course of a food supplement can help effectively limit attacks caused by allergies.

With this in mind, the Phytomisan laboratory advises you to turn to complements quail egg food. Thanks to a carefully selected strain of quail eggs, it is possible to help restore the natural physiological responses of the immune system facing pollen and other allergies. In this way, the treatment can allow you to effectively limit the symptoms of your allergies.

How and when to consume these food supplements?

If you want to try a course of food supplements against allergies this year, you will need to plan a little in advance. Indeed, in order to maximize the results of the treatment, it is advisable to take the capsules at the end of winter, in preparation for allergy season. Subsequently, if the symptoms persist during the pollen peak, you can then continue the treatment in order to combat the effects.

So, if you were wondering which food supplement to choose for allergies, you now know that quail egg supplements are an excellent avenue to consider. They allow you to fight against allergies to pollen, dust mites, animal hair and dust. To find out more about this product or order a treatment now, we invite you to discover it on our store.

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