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Hair loss in animals

Which food supplement should you turn to to limit hair loss in animals?

You have a four-legged companion , here losing hair everywhere in the house? Her significant hair loss worries you and you want to limit this fall? Phytomisan reveals to you what food supplement to limit hair loss in animals you can turn around. Did you know that the fermented turmeric, which is mainly used in cooking, also has many excellent substances for the human body and for our animal friends? It has the particularity of limiting hair loss in animals. We explain everything to you here.

What components to limit hair loss?

Hair loss in animals is accentuated twice a year: in spring and autumn during changes in temperature and sunshine. This normal loss worryYou gives extra housework and you want limit this fall ? The Phytomisan laboratory reveals which components to turn to to limit hair loss in animals.

Le fermented turmeric is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, which can be effective in limiting hair loss when combined with other elements. Combined with olive, pomegranate and black cumin, it acts on the digestive system, the muscular system, the joints and slows down hair loss. Phytomisan concentrates the fermented turmeric in capsules in order to maximize its effectiveness. This dosage and packaging allows your animal to always ingest the perfect quantity of product, without risk of overdose for them.

Which food supplement should I choose to limit hair loss in animals?

In order to limit hair loss in animals, there are natural plant-based solutions, to be consumed in the form of a food supplement. But which food supplement to limit hair loss in animals to select?

Le fermented turmeric in capsule form is the food supplement that we recommend to limit hair loss in your faithful companion. The Phytomisan food supplement cures of fermented turmeric are suitable for cats, dogs et horses during periods of heavy hair loss in order to considerably limit this loss. Fermented turmeric combined with olive, pomegranate and black cumin are the food supplements most suitable for this situation.

Do you have a pet and it is losing its hair? You wish limit this fall ? Do you want to know which food supplement to turn to? Phytomisan has developed a food supplement based on fermented turmeric suitable for hair loss in cats, dogs and horses. In capsule form, it is easy to take with just the right amount of product. Want to know more ? Don't miss out on discovering our product on our online store.

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