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What are the benefits of reishi for the body?

Recognized as being very effective in several Asian countries, the reishi is a mushroom with many benefits. It has long been entrenched as one of the essential components of Chinese medicine, dating back to the Yuan Dynasty (1271). Reishi is described as an adaptogen, meaning that it allows the body to increase its resistance capacity and therefore improve its state of health. Several studies have been carried out and have revealed multiple properties. Despite a small size rarely exceeding 20cm, these active compounds are a real asset for your body. To find out more, Phytomisan reveals to you what are the benefits of reishi on the body.

What are the benefits of reishi for the body?

His various virtues having earned him the nickname “ long-lived mushroom » in Chinese medicine, what are the benefits of reishi on the body ? Reishi is beneficial for your body thanks to its active compounds. Indeed, this mushroom is very rich in magnesium, in properties antimicrobial and antioxidant nutrients.

First of all, magnesium: it is an excellent nutrient which acts on the muscles and your nervous system. It helps to reduce fatigue, regain vitality on a daily basis and is very often recommended during periods that are a little difficult for the body (winter for example when the immune system is called upon).

Aside from magnesium, reishi has a concentration of natural antioxidant nutrients. Antioxidants being the best friends of athletes, they help protect against free radicals which can lead to fatigue or poor recovery.

Reishi is also believed to have the ability to strengthen the body for bad days.

How to consume reishi?

So if you were wondering what are the benefits of reishi on the body, you now know the main benefits. But do you know how to consume it? It comes in several forms: dried mushrooms, tablets, capsules, powder, solid or liquid extract. In Chinese and Japanese medicine, dosages vary from one to three times depending on the practitioner. Our Phytomisan laboratory has created a range of food supplements in which Reishi has a preponderant place.

It is thus packaged in jars of 60 ou 180 capsules to facilitate the dosage and make taking the product simpler by being perfectly dosed and adapted to each person. We recommend 2 capsules per day: 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening in order to obtain the best results. As a one-off treatment or before winter to help the body cope with the change of season.

What are the benefits of Reishi for the body? Whether to strengthen the body, in case of fatigue or in anticipation of a difficult period for the immune system, a reishi treatment is often recommended and acclaimed. This little mushroom full of virtues is an excellent ally for health and vitality. Would you like to find out more about our range of reishi food supplements or order a box? Don't miss the sheet of this product.

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