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Laboratory of food supplements and natural cosmetics since 2010

To be in good health is the elementary condition of tranquillity. Like every person, your desire for good health and natural well-being is very noble. Health is the most beautiful and richest present that nature can offer us.

The Phytomisan Laboratory presents a range of products 100% of natural origin, safe, effective and of excellent quality, well suited to your daily balance needs, not tested on animals and without synthetic fragrance. In the online store you will find antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, vitamins, magnesium, calcium, zinc, selenium etc. renowned for their beneficial cures for the body on different levels, respecting your body and of your mind.

Renowned for their benefits, these are capsules based on fermented Turmeric, fermented Pomegranate, Nigella (black cumin), Prickly Pear (Nopal), Reishi, Selenium and quail eggs. Products for joints and cartilage, as well as beauty creams, anti-aging, hair care, protection against allergies to pollen, animal hair, dust and hot flashes, including sexual comfort, etc. …

Phytomisan has always paid a lot of attention to the quality of its products, which is why our products are well appreciated. Phytomisan makes every effort to satisfy its customers, which is why 97% of customers who have ordered from us recommend us to those around them.

Fermented Turmeric

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Turmeric phytomisan

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Dr. Nasim & Roger Castell

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Dr Nasim

They use our products

For several years I have been using Phytomisan products which have given me great satisfaction (Curcumisan, Anti-Aging Lifting Cream, Grenadium, Massage Oil, Remince, Niellane, Anti-Aging Beauty Oil, Elegance Cream, Venus Oil. I don't I have never found the equivalent of these products elsewhere.And Doctor Nasim is always on hand to advise us.
Mrs Jeanine. HAS
Le Touquet, France
A fulfilling sex life Hello Doctor, you have saved my sex life. Postmenopausal, I suffer from vaginal dryness and a lack of libido. Everything has been going well since I started using your venus oil and your massage oil. Well done and thank you.
Ms Doris V.
I really appreciate your products: Mahwish cream, Grenadium capsules, Niellane and others and I am completely satisfied. I also very much appreciate the quality of your after-sales service and the care you take to satisfy your customers. Best regards,
Mrs NF,
Hello Doctor Nasim, I have measured your Curcumisan Plus products. This excellent product has obtained very good bio-electronic measurements, which testify to its quality. Please find attached the report of the measurements carried out. I also send you the article written on turmeric, which will appear in our journal Sources Vitales. With thanks.
Roger Castell,
President of ABEV France